"If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that Steven was born to be a photographer. His sense of timing and creativity give his portraits a unique and instantly recognizable style. His calm, confident personality and passionate curiosity for both photography and human nature have given him the rare ability to put people at ease while discovering what makes each of them unique.

Portraits should tell us about the person being photographed, not necessarily how clever the photographer is. This is precisely what makes Steven's work so unique - its ability to give you a glimpse into the soul of each subject. He has an almost uncanny way of revealing and capturing the hidden, fleeting, and beautiful aspects in each person he encounters.

For me, watching Steven at work is like watching a skilled musician bring a piece of sheet music to life. There is something very powerful that happens when he has a camera in his fixes and lifts people in such a unique and magical way, if only for a moment. But, in that moment he captures eternity." 

- Lisa Winter

* Quote by Burk Uzzle